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RPL has worked on over 50 software and electronics related projects. Sub-sectors include SaaS, enterprise products and services, telecommunications, and hardware. These are some of our most recent projects. Download a full list of our software and electronic credentials below and please get in touch with one of our team to discuss in more detail.

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In the closing stages of 2021, RPL conducted CDD for Maven Capital Partners, on its £1.15m investment in CYSIAM Limited, a very promising early stage provider of advice, training, and managed services in cyber and secure technology systems.

RPL was tasked with sizing the niche managed cyber security services market and giving a perspective on the drivers and inhibitors to adoption by enterprise-scale customers over the next 5 years. We assessed the pace at which cyber threats to business are increasing and the growing role of outsourcing for customers gaining access to cyber security talent to ensure business continuity.

We also interviewed a selection of CYSIAM’s existing customers and an independent market expert to understand the likely operational challenges CYSIAM would face in shifting focus to a managed services offering. Using these conversations in conjunction with desk research, we mapped out the competitive landscape and benchmarked CYSIAM’s business model against other incumbent providers.

Based on our research, we were able to assess CYSIAM’s revenue projections, identify any particular risks or opportunities and suggest appropriate sensitivities.



Stakeholder management

CDD on a SaaS provider of dashboard systems for large corporate/public sector clients



Cyber security


CDD on a provider of penetration testing, compliance and vulnerability audits to mid- and enterprise scale users

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Programmatic advertising sales

Sales platform for buying and selling online native advertising space
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CDD on a provider of telecoms enhancements for leading CRM systems including Salesforce



Customer engagement

CDD on a provider of a community and stakeholder  engagement SaaS platform

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