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RPL has worked on over 30 Industrial related projects. Sub-sectors include food and drink manufacture, paper and packaging, and specialist manufacturing. These are some of our most recent projects. If you would like more information on our Industrial credentials, contact our sector expert today.

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In early 2022 RPL was asked by Nafici Environmental Research (where Geoff Rampton is a non exec director) to carry out a market entry study to identify the most promising territories for NER’s EcoPulping technology. Territories covered included Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East/North Africa. EcoPulping is a patented process which converts a wide range of agricultural waste into paper pulp as an alternative packaging raw material to both wood pulp and plastic. Commercial scale EcoPulping plants are already planned or under construction in the UK and China.

RPL sourced a large amount of historical data, for each of the countries in NER’s target regions, on cereal and other suitable crop production, the import/export balance of wood pulp, and the scale of domestic packaging production. In this way we were able to identify the highest priority regions – those in which there is a combination of plentiful agricultural waste, a high level of wood pulp imports and a large domestic packaging manufacturing sector. NER will use this information to target sales and marketing efforts.

Specialist manufacturing:


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Fire safety

CDD on a provider of fire, line safety and security solutions for commercial and industrial owners

Safeguard Glazing Supplies

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Glass processing

CDD on a glass processing manufacturer serving the domestic and commercial refurbishment

Datum Alloys

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Metal supplier

CDD on a supplier of metal, predominantly stainless steel for solder masks 



Low voltage switchboards

CDD on a designer, manufacturer and installer of low voltage switchboards


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USB ports

CDD on a brand of USB ports for mobile device management (MDM)

Rooms & Views

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CDD on a uPVC window and door manufacturer to new build housing and refurbishment market 

Thyson Technology

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Analytical instruments

CDD on an integrator of analytical instrumentation for process industries



Supply chain software

CDD on a provider of software connecting fashion brands to manufacturers

EC Electronics Ltd

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CDD on an electronics manufacturer based in Wales

Crawford Scientific

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CDD on a  UK distributor of spares and consumables for chromatography equipment



Electrical transformers

CDD on a designer, manufacturer and tester of transformer and power rectifier applications

Teeside Alliance Group

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Offshore wind energy

Competitive cost analysis for a start up manufacturer of wind turbine foundations

Paper & Packaging:

Signet Branding

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Luxury packaging

Strategy work for luxury branding company of embellishments on spirit bottles

GT4 Group/TPL

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Label printing

CDD on a wet glue label printer acquiring a PSL printer.  



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Strategy work for an eco-pulping firm Nafici Environmental Research



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Continued strategy work for an eco-pulping firm Nafici Environmental Research

Food and Drink:

Harvest London

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Vertical farming

CDD on a vertical farm growing herbs to supply supermarkets and food service companies

GT4 Group/TPL

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Own label cakes

CDD on the MBI of a leading cake supplier to UK multiple retailers



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Artisan bread

CDD on a craft bakery supplying top restaurants, as well as their own retail outlets


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Food service meals

Supplier of recipes and ingredients to major food and restaurant groups


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