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RPL has worked on over 30 B2C related projects. Sub-sectors include fashion, homeware, food, and travel. These are some of our most recent projects.


In 2021, RPL conducted commercial due diligence on Foresight’s investment into glamping pod holiday company FURTHER.SPACE. 


FURTHER.SPACE was founded in 2019 and operates luxury pod accommodation across Scotland and Ireland. The Company manufactures high-quality, design-led pod accommodation installed in hand-picked partner locations, available through direct marketing and a booking platform that is managed by FURTHER.SPACE


RPL’s main task was to determine the total addressable market – how many pods the UK glamping market could sustain – and assess FURTHER.SPACE’s growth plan against these market projections. This was particularly important given the drastic and polarising effects of the Covid pandemic on the UK tourism and hospitality sectors.  


We also interviewed existing landowner partners to assess FURTHER.SPACE’s performance and the attractiveness of its unique business model against other market players.




Van rental

CDD on a van rental and fleet provider


Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.14.46.png

Replacement tyres

CDD on DMACK, a motorsport tyre brand (WRC) planning to enter the passenger car market


Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.14.36.png

Car retailing

CDD on an innovative car retailer and IT provider for car purchasing online 

Clothing & Fashion



Supply chain SaaS

CDD on a provider of software connecting fashion brands to manufacturers 

Weird fish

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.27.23.png

Casual clothing retailer

CDD on a manufacturer and retailer of weekend casual outerwear

Food & Drink 

Mowgli Street Food

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.30.39.png

Indian restaurants

Strategy to devise a location screening approach for a roll out of an Indian street food 

The Naked Deli

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.30.31.png

Healthy casual dining

CDD on a roll out of a casual dining business focusing on healthy eating

Roxy Leisure

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.30.45.png

Entertainment bars

CDD on the roll out of a social entertainment bar group, including Roxy Ballroom

Household & Body-care



Sofa manufacturer

CDD on a sofa company, with in-house manufacturing, selling predominantly online

Alstons Ltd

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.10.10.png

Upholstered sofa manufacture

Follow up work on leather upholstered furniture market

Aqualla Brassware

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.10.48.png

Bathroom brassware

CDD on a Northern-Irish based showroom supplier of bathroom brassware and baths 

Alstons Ltd

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.10.10.png

Upholstered sofa manufacture

CDD on a manufacturer of fabric sofas sold to UK independent retail and multiple specialists


Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.10.30.png

Health & beauty products

CDD on a  supplier of  affordable health and beauty to the discount retail sector

Ashley Manor

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 13.50.36.png

Upholstered sofa manufacture

CDD on a  leading manufacturer and importer of upholstered furniture.  



Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.16.56.png


CDD on a provider of glamping pods in the UK




B2C dental products

Dental product retailer focusing on personalised teeth clip-on veneers 

Channel Mum

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.16.46.png

Parenting website

CDD on a website community for mums, with videos, chats, blogs and targeted advertising




CDD on a lighting provider who specialises in hotel & cruise ship lighting




CDD on an online-only supplier of small and mature trees and shrubs in the UK


Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.16.39.png

Internet golf retailer

CDD on a  multi-channel (principally internet) golf equipment retailer 

Steamforged Games 

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.17.31.png


Developer and retailer of table top games based on established and popular video games

Jersey Hemp

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 09.17.37.png


CDD on a grower, manufacturer and seller of CBD products in Jersey

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