We use our experience to understand key strategic and commercial issues quickly

and effectively, and give clients practical, clear, and reliable advice

Market research and strategy consultancy 
  • We can provide tailored reports that focus on your key questions. 

  • We can analyse market size, growth, drivers and hurdles, and 

  • Collect customer satisfaction feedback and areas for improvement

  • Identify lessons to be learnt from competitors 

  • We conduct research, including customer/stakeholder interviews and surveys, to help inform you on your market and help you make key strategic decisions to grow your business and improve customer experience. 

Commercial due diligence 
  • We can provide an assessment of revenue and gross margin projections, and sensitivities coordinated with your financial due diligence provider, and

  • Identify upsides and growth opportunities as well as downside risks, and

  • Interview stakeholders and industry experts, and

  • Complete a comprehensive benchmarking of close competitors, to identify who is winning/losing, and why, and 

  • Identifying exit strategies and specific potential purchasers

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