We use our experience to understand key strategic and commercial issues quickly

and effectively, and give clients practical, clear, and reliable advice


RPL can deliver a full commercial due diligence scope, for vendor and buy-side, including:

  • Setting out the company's background and historical performance

  • Outlining the market structure, including value chain and routes to market, estimating the market size and growth and addressing the key drivers, trend and inhibitors 

  • Mapping out the competitive landscape, including a comprehensive benchmarking of close competitors to identify who is winning/losing and why

  • Conducting and analysing customer referencing and interviews of other key stakeholders and industry experts,

  • Providing an assessment of revenue and gross margin projections, and sensitivities coordinated with your financial due diligence provider, 

  • Identifying upsides and growth opportunities as well as downside risks, and 

  • Identifying exit strategies and specific potential purchasers


RPL can tailor any commercial due diligence scope to suit your budget and focus only on your key questions:

  • We have done reports that include half a dozen customer interviews and some market research, or strategic projects that focus on the competitive landscape and market trends, or pure customer referencing exercises.

  • We don't mandate large, template reports. We have worked on deals worth £1m to £100m. If you have a CDD requirement, we'll work with you to get the answers you need at a price you can afford. 


RPL can provide bespoke pieces of work to meet your commercial needs, including market research or strategic pieces of work for vendors or buy-side