RPL has worked on over 30 healthcare-related projects. Sub-sectors include healthcare services, products, manufacturing, software, and recruitment. These are some of our most recent projects. Download a full list of our healthcare credentials below and please get in touch with one of our team to discuss in more detail.


During the summer of 2021, RPL conducted CDD for Foresight Group on its £1.7m investment in Hexarad Group Limited, a very promising early stage teleradiology provider, as part of a £2.3m funding round.


RPL’s main task was to map out the market landscape and, in particular, the supply and demand drivers. We assessed the true shortage of radiologists in the UK and the potential future effect on Hexarad’s ability to supply the NHS’ growing demand for radiology services. 


We also interviewed a number of Hexarad’s existing customers and contract radiologists as well as independent market experts. In conjunction with desk research, we mapped out the competitive landscape and benchmarked Hexarad against incumbent players and other new market entrants.


Based on our research, we were able to assess Hexarad’s revenue projections, identify risks or opportunities to their plans and suggest appropriate sensitivities. 


Hospital Services Ltd

Medical distribution


CDD on distributor of healthcare equipment the NHS and private hospitals in Ireland and the UK





CDD on a CRO producing rapid diagnostic testing kits



Contract research


CDD on a provider of contract research services to biopharma

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 14.11.38.png

IMMJ Systems

Document management

CDD on an electronic document management solution for NHS trusts


Call Vision

Emergency services

CDD on a provider of emergency call centre communications systems for Ambulance trusts

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